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Use the right tool to lay tiles perfectly for your tiling job.

Tiling walls and floors has never been so easy as with the handy Turn-System from Levelit. Start by placing the clips under your tile and then twist on the ergonomic caps. Twisting each one equally levels any height differences between the tiles in no time at all. The Turn-System is super handy for tiling walls, and has become an essential tool for many tilers across Europe.
Say goodbye to height differences in your tiling jobs with a simple twist.

Turn-System Leveling system Wedge-System Turn-System Accessories
The Helix turn-system means you can tile your walls in no time at all. With a simple twist of the cap, you can ensure the tiles are perfectly level without needing to use pliers.
Floor & wall Professional & private
Helix – Spacer clips
Spacer clips allow you to align the floor while ensuring perfect joint widths between the tiles.
Available in 1.5mm 2mm 3 mm 4 mm
Helix – Spacer caps
Screwing the spacer caps adds pressure to the tile being leveled. The specific design makes it easy to always add equal pressure for a perfectly even leveling.
Helix – Complete Set
Helix sets are ideal for getting to know our leveling system.
Available in 1.5mm 2mm 3 mm 4 mm
Helix – Spacer clips Long
Spacer clips Long allow you to align the floor while ensuring perfect joint spacing between tiles.
Available in 2Lmm

Why choose a leveling system?

Tile leveling systems ensure that there are no height differences between the edges of adjacent tiles by holding the tile edges together and creating an even surface. You can use them for large tiles, thin tiles, rectified floor tiles, and rectified wall tiles.

  • How does the leveling turn-system work?

    Clips and accompanying caps ensure any height differences between tiles are leveled.

    1. Follow the steps below to achieve optimal results.
    2. Slide the clips under the tile
    3. Screw the cap on the clip
    4. Twist the cap until it’s fully secure
    5. Remove the clip
    6. Unscrew the cap from the broken clip
  • Benefits of a tile leveling system

    Tile leveling systems offer a number of benefits. You can lay all your tiles in one go, for example, and start walking on your new floor sooner. The clips and wedges also hold the tiles together properly while laying them, and automatically ensure you always have the same joint width.

    Are your tiles thinner than 6 mm? No problem if you’re using a leveling system. You’re sure to end up with a perfectly laid floor which you can enjoy for many years. When considering your options, you’ll discover a tile leveling system with standard clips and wedges or splints, among others. You can use this system to lay tiles evenly, with the clips and wedges doing all the work for you.
    The clips are available in various thicknesses, such as 1, 2, and 3 mm, and the placement pliers are made from plastic so they’re easy to handle when inserting the wedges firmly in the clips. You can of course also opt for metal pliers.


  • Different tile thicknesses and joint widths in complete sets

    Our tile leveling systems are available for different tile thicknesses and joint widths.

    These sets include everything you need to take full advantage of the Levelit system, and lay a perfectly level tiled floor yourself.

    Our range of complete sets consists of the following clips and caps

    • 200 clips – 200 caps

    We also have clips and wedges for different joint widths:

    • 1.5 mm joint width
    • 2 mm joint width

    In principle, the clips from the above kits are suitable for tiles that are 3-17 mm thick.



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Good quality and easy to use, with ample choice for joint widths.

Vloeren bradt
Vloeren bradt

It’s always a challenge for floor fitters to lay beautifully flat ceramic floor tiles. Levelit clips and wedges can ensure floors are completely level.

Wouter Van Thournout

We use the Levelit system to ensure our work is perfect.

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Bouwwerken de wispelaere