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About Levelit Specialist in leveling systems

A difference in the levels between two tiles – a phenomenon often found in tiling work – is now finally a thing of the past.
Levelit systems ensure you can now easily lay tiles of all sizes, on both floors and walls, in record time. Our range offers solutions for professional fitters and people doing DIY alike.

About Levelit Specialist in leveling systems

Who are we?

Ever since we started our family-run business, we’ve always had the same focus: Perfectly laid tiles! That’s why we’re constantly on the lookout for simple tools that help our tilers lay their tiles faster and better. The perfect product in the right pack with the right marketing is a great asset for our professional dealers, such as tiling stores and building materials retailers all across Europe.

Trust, quality, respect, and proximity are all very important values for Levelit. We want to build respectful relationships built on trust with all customers, so that we can build for the future together. We guarantee our customers the highest quality by making use of top-quality materials. Proximity to and direct contact with customers are also very important for Levelit. Our teams give demos and training at our sales outlets to foster close relationships with customers.

We want to provide as much support as possible to tilers in their work. Not just for laying tiles, but also when choosing the right tiling system. Our sales outlets are therefore hugely important ambassadors for us, and we aim to help them find new customers and make sure they visit their stores. Our excellent logistical support and after-sales service are highly appreciated by our customers.

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Our brands

An overview of our brands

You can choose from Levelit Pro, Levelit XL, Helix, and Tiling Buddy.
Our brands are suitable for professionals and home users alike.


Ensuring that large surfaces, walls, and/or floors are tiled completely level has never been so easy as with the Levelit Pro system. A handy and high-quality system that raises the end result of your tiling project to a whole new higher level. You can use our clips, wedges, and pliers to lay your tiles with a high-quality finish in record time.


Laying thicker tiles in the garden has always been a difficult task, until now. Tiling your patio or garden has never been so easy or fast as with the XL system. These Extra LONG clips ensure you can lay completely level thick tiles or natural stone up to 25 mm.


The Helix turn-system means you can tile your walls in no time at all. With a simple twist of the cap, you can ensure the tiles are perfectly level without needing to use pliers. Easy for tiling walls. Practical for small- to medium-sized jobs.

Tiling Buddy

The Buddy wedge system is ideal for DIY. Use the Buddy to lay a flawless, level floor or wall while ensuring the perfect joint width. The Buddy combines wedges and clips without any pliers, so it’s particularly suitable for small areas and medium-sized tiles (smaller than 60×60 mm).

Our unique approach

Levelit creates a win-win situation for customers and partners

A clever and detailed marketing strategy increases the turnover in your store Levelit’s online investments send new customers to our dealers.
Persoonlijke benadering
Our representatives stay up to date with all promotions and innovations. Our in-house service staff respond to all queries within 48 hours.
The distribution center in the heart of Belgium guarantees a perfect delivery service Our stock levels ensure prompt delivery of all the right quantities.

Discover our team

Behind Levelit is a whole group of people! Each member of the Belgian team is in daily contact with his or her customers and representatives.

Givin Clymans - CEO

Givin Clymans

Greet Van Camp - Office Manager

Greet Van Camp

Office Manager
Kris Van Den Bogaert - Sales Manager

Kris Van Den Bogaert

Sales Manager
Lieselotte Clymans - Marketing Manager

Lieselotte Clymans

Marketing Manager
Monika Wenke  - Business Development Manger Germany

Monika Wenke

Business Development Manger Germany
Jiaye Chen - Logistics

Jiaye Chen

Rémy Delmotte - Sales person - Wallonia/France

Rémy Delmotte

Sales person - Wallonia/France
Steven Vermeulen - Sales Merchandiser Belgium/The Netherlands

Steven Vermeulen

Sales Merchandiser Belgium/The Netherlands
Fiene Gielis - Logistics Employee

Fiene Gielis

Logistics Employee

They’ve already started using our products!

Good quality and easy to use, with ample choice for joint widths.

Vloeren bradt
Vloeren bradt

It’s always a challenge for floor fitters to lay beautifully flat ceramic floor tiles. Levelit clips and wedges can ensure floors are completely level.

Wouter Van Thournout

We use the Levelit system to ensure our work is perfect.

Bouwwerken de wispelaere
Bouwwerken de wispelaere

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