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Tiling has never been so easy as with Levelit leveling systems.

The best solution for quickly and easily laying tiles that are 100% level.

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A handy leveling system for professionals and home users alike.

Levelit simplifies tiling. Use a leveling system to lay tiles that are completely level, aligned, and have the perfect joint width!

Levelit systems are suitable for laying both wall and floor tiles. Large and thick tiles are no problem either, and can be laid just as quickly and perfectly.

You will find an overview of all our products – from our Buddy DIY tool, to a professional starter kit, and our full range of wedges and clips with 1-4 mm joint width – on our Wedge-System and Turn-System pages.

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Everything you need to know about the tile leveling system

  • Tile Leveling System

    Are you going to tile your floors or walls? Then you’re sure to want them to be nice and level. A tile leveling system offers a solution that prevents height differences between the tile edges. This system doesn’t just prevent height differences; it also helps you to lay tiles more easily. Want to find out exactly what a tile leveling system is and how to use it? We’ll be happy to explain!

  • What is a tile leveling system?

    Any unevenness on the floor can result in tiles not being level. They can shift out of place or even collapse, which can be dangerous. You could easily trip. And that’s exactly why you should use a tile leveling system.

    It’s the ideal solution for working with larger tiles, and for laying ceramic parquet tiles that are naturally slightly curved. You can always count on an perfectly laid, level floor. But the leveling system is also a great choice for smaller tiles, and for indoor and outdoor tiles alike.

    Our systems includes all the components you need, such as push pliers, wedges, and clips – with the added bonus that you can lay tiles quickly.

  • How does a tile leveling system work?

    When using a tile leveling system, you start by applying the tile adhesive. Then you slide the clips under the tile. You can use one or more clips on each side.

    When the spacer is firmly in place, you’re ready for the next tile. Are all the tiles completely level? Then insert the wedge into the clip opening. The push pliers are useful for this. Now it’s just a matter of waiting. The adhesive needs time to fully dry.

    Once the adhesive is completely hard, remove the visible part of the clip. Anyone can use this system to lay tiles evenly, always the right distance apart. We often see professional tilers benefiting from it in practice.

  • Benefits of a tile leveling system

    Tile leveling systems offer a number of benefits. You can lay all your tiles in one go, for example, and start walking on your new floor sooner. The clips and wedges also hold the tiles together properly while laying them, and automatically ensure you always have the same joint width.

    Are your tiles thinner than 6 mm? No problem if you’re using a leveling system. You’re sure to end up with a perfectly laid floor which you can enjoy for many years. When considering your options, you’ll discover a tile leveling system with standard clips and wedges or splints, among others. You can use this system to lay tiles evenly, with the clips and wedges doing all the work for you.
    The clips are available in various thicknesses, such as 1, 2, and 3 mm, and the placement pliers are made from plastic so they’re easy to handle when inserting the wedges firmly in the clips. You can of course also opt for metal pliers.

    There’s also a tile leveling system with cross-shaped clips and tile caps. The advantage of this principle is that you lay part of your floor quickly, and remove it just as easily. The joint crosses ensure that you always have the same joint width between the edges and tiles.

  • How do you choose a tile leveling system?

    When determining which tile leveling system is best for you, it’s important to consider what tiles you’ll be working with.

    Most systems are suitable for tiles that are 3-13 mm thick. If you’re choosing a thicker tile up to 20 mm, then it’s best to opt for a large leveling system.

    The joint width is also a factor in choosing the right tile leveling system. This depends on your personal preference to some degree.

    There are various systems available, e.g. for joints widths of 1, 2, or 3 mm. It is often recommended to always have a minimum 2 mm joint width.

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Everything you need to know about the tile leveling system Everything you need to know about the tile leveling system

Which system is best for you?

Professionals and home users alike use our brands. You can choose from Levelit, XL, Helix, and Tiling Buddy. Your choice is determined by the type of work you’re doing and how experienced you are.

Have you been convinced and want to use a Levelit tile leveling system? Great!

The overview below shows which brand is most suitable for you depending on tile thickness, desired joint width, application, and your level of experience.


The Levelit system can be used on both walls and floors. It’s ideal for large surface areas and big tiles. Using the adjustable pliers can significantly speed up your work.


The XL system has been developed specifically for thicker and heavier tiles, mostly for outdoor use. This XL clip and wedge system with adjustable pliers is the best solution in this case, because it usually involves larger areas.


Helix can be used on both walls and floors with medium-sized surface areas. The ergonomic turn system is especially handy for tiling walls in bathrooms and kitchens. Tiling these medium-sized surfaces is particularly fast because you don’t need to use pliers.

Tiling Buddy

If you’re less experienced and only need to tile a smaller area, the Tiling Buddy is your ideal partner. The clips are a bit smaller so you can also lay small tiles without needing to use pliers.

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