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Tips for using a tile levelling system

9 November 2022

Installing tiles has never been easier than with Levelit’s leveling system. In this blog post you will find some helpful tips when using a leveling system tiles. When using our leveling systems, be guided by the video below.

Step 1: Start with a flat surface

Start your tiling job with a level surface before you begin tiling with a leveling system. A leveling system is not for leveling the subfloor, but for leveling the tiles.

Step 2: Make & apply glue

Start by making the glue. To prepare your glue use a clean tub, glue powder, a mixer and clean water. On the tile adhesive bag, you can find exactly how much water you need per bag. Using your measuring cup, measure out the correct amount and pour the water into the tub with the glue powder. A flexible adhesive is ideal for tiling walls and floors. Mix the mixture for a few minutes. Then wait a few minutes and mix the mixture a second time. On this flat surface, place a minimum glue bed of 4mm so that afterwards the clips are well embedded in the glue.

Step 3: Laying the first 4 tiles

Your tiling job usually starts at the wall. Place a leveling cross against the wall and drop the first tile into the adhesive so that most of the air is out. Scrape some glue away from the surface with a small spatula. This way you make sure the glue doesn’t get up there. Place 2 clips two side of the tile and stay at least 5 cm from the corners. This way you will avoid damage to the tile when putting it on. Continue working until you have laid 4 tiles. Tap the tiles with a rubber mallet so that they are approximately level.

Step 4: Installing and donning the system

Insert wedges through the openings of the clips. Place the wedges from the freshly installed tile to the old tile. In other words, place the wedges in the direction of the tile lying against the wall. Now use pliers to tighten the wedges. Don’t wait too long to insert the wedges into the clips or you won’t be able to tighten them. Are you working with the swivel system? Then rotate the caps on the clips until you feel that they are tight.

Step 5: Remove the system

Before the glue is dry you may kick the system off in the direction of the joint. You may discard the clips; the wedges may be reused for a subsequent job.


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