Producten - Levelit tiling to perfection


Used for tiles with a tile thickness of minimally 3mm to maximally 17mm.

  • The high-quality clips are resistant against breaking.
  • Available in bags of 250 pieces.
  • Made to break off nicely, under the base of the foot.

Available in:

Helix Caps

The caps are the most important items when laying tiles. These ensure that the adhesive, tile, and spacers are ideally pressed together. The pressure from the caps ensures that the tiles are perfectly levelled. Due to the unique design and material of the cap, they can be used repeatedly. To ensure that the caps can be used again, clean the caps after each use. The caps are compatible with all clips in our assortment and available in bags of 100 pieces.



They protect your knees against cold and grime and are therefore particularly useful accessories for tiling or other jobs. The cushion adapts itself to any surface and provides the optimum comfort.

  • Available per piece


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