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Prepare a good tile adhesive

9 November 2022

A good tile adhesive is essential when laying tiles with a leveling system. In this video and blog below, you will find the most important steps. So you can quickly and easily prepare your own tile adhesive. 

What you will need: a mouth mask, gloves, a clean tub, a mixer, water and powdered glue. 

Step 1: Protection

During the proces of making the glue, dust is released. Protect your lungs with a mouth mask. Also wear gloves to protect your skin. 

Step 2: Measure the water

Take a clean tub and pour water into it. You can find the right amount of water on the package of the powdered glue. 

Step 3: Amount of glue powder

Open your bag and add the powdered glue to the tub with the water beforehand. Respect the quantities indicated on the packaging. 

Tip: Make as much mortar as you can. This is because the glue has a limited working time. 

Step 4: Mix the glue

Mix the glue with a mixer until it is smooth. Tip: Mix the mixture for three minutes, let the mixture sit for about three minutes, then mix again for three minutes.

Tip: clean the mixer with water. This will keep your tools working and there will be no unpleasant residue in your next mix.

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